Wish I'd been more selfish

I was waiting for the final member of a 4-person group to help tackle a quest in Kingdom Heroes when I wanted to go off on my own for the quest as my level was considerably higher than my companions.

The enemies during the quest were matched to challenge me, but my friends were outclassed and soon were destroyed. I was also surrounded and with no one to help, I was defeated.

That’s what you get for not choosing traveling partners wisely in this free mmorpg. See what I mean http://kingdomheroes.aeriagames.com

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New rule: No more mayonnaise on french fries

If Robert was king, his first decree would be:

No more mayonnaise on french fries
Just to see how many lives I can save of people loading themselves on deep-fried foods while parked in front of their computers Wiki-ing the Boxer Rebellion and Lyndsey Lohan, YouTubing the Evolution of Dance, and gluing their eyes to an mmorpg like Last Chaos…

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The end of a nightmare, and the beginning of another

There I was, my back against a wall of jagged granite. The stench of sulfur and brimstone stinging my nostrils. Suddenly the ceiling of stalactites came alive as the wurm's leathery wings unfolded and descended upon me. Then it was over. "You have died" are the last words I see. Now it's off to class for a Final Exam for which I have 35 mins to cram!

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What I Like Most About My Virtual Job

I get up after 5 minutes of sitting by a tree near a waterfall, my stamina is replenished and I am surrounded by monsters just waiting for me to stand up. That's okay because I have sword bigger than Elvis strapped to my back. Looking forward to starting another "day" in the world of Grand Fantasia as a level 47 Paladin — Up for promotion in 17,000 EXP.

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Any ideas?

Recently came across a simple LiveJournal blog that talks about Caesary – that mmorts browser game over at aeria.


What can you suggest to satisfy the demand for a truly “free to play” game while ensuring game companies (developers and licensers) can still turn a profit?

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Brandon’s Worst PVP Ever

This was meant to be a contribution to another post but due to the length, it needs it’s own blog post:

Written by Brandon (uploaded by blog editor/admin via Red 5 Standing By)
Worst MMO PVP experience to date –
Summer 2003, getting ready to head overseas for study, I organized a once-and-for-all PVP LAN party/tourney among my flatmates and their neighborhood clan members (those that could make it).
We were able to borrow our uni’s CSE seminar room since it had it’s own ethernet and power outlets.  We had 20 people in a space meant to hold 100!  Sweet arrangement, and it was glorious once we got everything hooked up.
The room was designed so everyone had to focus eyes forward and downward towards the main lecturing stage, but we all agreed to play with honor, swearing not to peak over people’s shoulders to see what they were building/where they were camping.  The cascading of the seats made it hard to pass around pizza and other snacks.
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Notice to ALL Visitors

We are aware that Aeria’s Spread Aeria Games promotions for free AP make it very tempting to spam to blogs like this one.

We are not against people expressing support for gaming sites like Aeria, but when a “spammy” post written as a comment on a topic we have started appears, other readers get turned off.

We would at least like the posts to be on topic and providing more input than just a game you like and info that can be found easily on their home page.  Thanks for Understanding!  Red 5 Standing By, over and out!

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