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Legendary Champions (Heroes?) Beta Sign-up

Legendary Champions presented by Aeria, offering Beta Sign Up Continue reading

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Grand Fantasia June Newsletter Mmohut published Aeria’s recent newsletter updating players on new content for their free mmorpg.  If you want to learn more about Grand Fantasia, please visit this review page at mmohut or get info straight from Aeria’s portal site.

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Star Trek to come to browser game genre It’s not enough that they have ST:Online? Who’s played ST:Online and what did you think?

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Looong List o’ MMOs This article provides an extensive list of new mmorpg games for 2010. The author has had the pleasure of playing no less than 2 of them (no applause necessary).  Have you played any of them?  If so, write a … Continue reading

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Is DOMO making a come back?

If you’re an Aeria player, you might have notice the volume of events and promotions geared toward Dream of Mirror Online, one of Aeria’s most popular and long-running games. After the cease of operations for 12Sky and Turf Battles over … Continue reading

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LOTRO goes Free2Play

Article on the homepage: The free mmorpg genre comes to Lord of the Rings Online this fall.  No credit card required.  The game will be free to download, and free to play and all players will have access to … Continue reading

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Free to Play versus WoW

Here is an article from gamesradar trying to pit the recent free mmorpgs up against WoW.  What are your thoughts on this comparison? Does WoW still hold free reign over the MMORPG world? Can anyone beat WoW?  Are free to … Continue reading

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