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Only 150 more days until ol’ Spud gets his

“Were you born today?” facebook page not an entire waste of time, but worth tuning into if you want an excuse to celebrate a foreign country’s holiday, give a toast to a celeb’s birthday, etc. Continue reading

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Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE Review

Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE, otherwise known as MegaTen, is a free mmorpg hosted by Aeriagames based on the first of the Shin Megami series. Continue reading

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10 years went too fast

Already been over 10 yrs since Diablo II was released! Continue reading

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Legendary Champions – Yet another Dota MMORPG? (via Free MMORPG & Free MMOs)

In opposite to the forum posts on, this blog actually has something useful to say about the upcoming free mmorpg “Legendary Champions” at Aeria Games. Have a read, share your thoughts! -Spud Aeria Games recently announced Legendary Heroes, a … Continue reading

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Legendary Champions (Heroes?) Beta Sign-up

Legendary Champions presented by Aeria, offering Beta Sign Up Continue reading

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Browser Games…

Lords Online is yet another exciting mmorts browser game from Aeria! Continue reading

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This is how they tie it up, Japan-style

Grand Fantasia tie up with AKB48 Continue reading

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