Only 150 more days until ol’ Spud gets his

Facebook has so many fan pages with so much spammy junk and sleazy topics you get sick of it.  But the author of this blog was chatting with the Couch Potato himself, ol’ Spud, about a new “fan page” that gives a few (only a few) pieces of intel on a daily basis about:

Today’s date and what people, places and events make it important.

Thanks to technology and a few millennia of history to go on, almost every day features a famous person’s birthday or death, the founding of something, and of course reasons to celebrate.

During our discussion, Spud made a good point – “It’s a good thing we are still divided as a race (meaning humans) — if all our cultures cam together as one, there’d be so many damned holidays , commemorations, memorials of heroes past everyday, productivity would come to a screeching halt and we’d all have to party or reflect” — probably true, but he says it like its a bad thing.

Spud wont have worry about who his b-day matches up with for another 150 (149 now) days.  But even if today’s date is not your birthday, it’s still fun to know who’s it is, and if it means anything to you or not.

Despite it being a new page, it has already told me what famous people had their birthdays over the past 48 hours, and I didn’t have to wiki each person to find out!

Anyway, if you are one of the 9 people who give their valuable time to read this (and Spud’s) blog, why not pay a visit to “Were you born Today?” on Facebook.

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