10 years went too fast

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Diablo II came out and is still one of the greatest computer games ever?  Hopefully Diablo III will offer just as much value.


Those of us who were in high school/college when that game came out are now probably struggling to balance our need to earn a living and love for games.  It sure would be nice to un-age a decade so we can stay at the forefront of perhaps one of the most active periods of games development since days of X-Wing, Myst and Diablo!

If I were 17 again, I’d rethink my career plans and join the games industry.  But, the fact that I have so much less time now available for gaming makes every hour of play pretty special and a chance to relive my younger days.  Okay, I’m still “young” and while I hate hearing people say, “(age) 35 is the new 25”, I feel sorry for those “I’m too serious for games and gamers” types that lurk in the shadows of cubicles in corporate spires who mentally turned 35 before they even finished high school.

Will Diablo III be an mmorpg?

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  1. Free MMorpg says:

    With all the new games and mmorpg games coming out the past decade, I almost forgot I even had DiabloII still installed on my old computer. I keep it on there for when my nephews come over from out of town (their parents don’t believe in games that have violence…)

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