Legendary Champions – Yet another Dota MMORPG? (via Free MMORPG & Free MMOs)

In opposite to the forum posts on onrpg.com, this blog actually has something useful to say about the upcoming free mmorpgLegendary Champions” at Aeria Games. Have a read, share your thoughts!

Aeria Games recently announced Legendary Heroes, a DotA inspired Fantasy MMORPG. Sounds interesting right? After playing and enjoying both League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, I’m actually looking forward to Legendary Heroes. There’s one thing that concerns me though. These games set the Aeon of Strife genre bar really high, so it may be a bit tough to beat. I also played Avalon Heroes from Alaplaya, but that game was a total disappointment, … Read More

via Free MMORPG & Free MMOs

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