Wish I'd been more selfish

I was waiting for the final member of a 4-person group to help tackle a quest in Kingdom Heroes when I wanted to go off on my own for the quest as my level was considerably higher than my companions.

The enemies during the quest were matched to challenge me, but my friends were outclassed and soon were destroyed. I was also surrounded and with no one to help, I was defeated.

That’s what you get for not choosing traveling partners wisely in this free mmorpg. See what I mean http://kingdomheroes.aeriagames.com

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2 Responses to Wish I'd been more selfish

  1. lolz, i CAN relate to this!
    its like they want you to do everything while they sit back and drink a soda, then the party ends up dead, R.I.P T_T

  2. WafflesXd says:

    =_= u shouldn’t be a meanie, just try again…
    if you dont help lower lv players then they will start spamming world chat -_-

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