New rule: No more mayonnaise on french fries

If Robert was king, his first decree would be:

No more mayonnaise on french fries
Just to see how many lives I can save of people loading themselves on deep-fried foods while parked in front of their computers Wiki-ing the Boxer Rebellion and Lyndsey Lohan, YouTubing the Evolution of Dance, and gluing their eyes to an mmorpg like Last Chaos…

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2 Responses to New rule: No more mayonnaise on french fries

  1. maybe glueing their eyes to grand fantasia, but ok… i get it ^^
    er… robert, next time use ketchup

  2. WafflesXd says:

    ok, u can stop eating all those and do an in depth research on “why people love waffles so much”. trust me, it would be pure genius ^^

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