Brandon’s Worst PVP Ever

This was meant to be a contribution to another post but due to the length, it needs it’s own blog post:

Written by Brandon (uploaded by blog editor/admin via Red 5 Standing By)
Worst MMO PVP experience to date –
Summer 2003, getting ready to head overseas for study, I organized a once-and-for-all PVP LAN party/tourney among my flatmates and their neighborhood clan members (those that could make it).
We were able to borrow our uni’s CSE seminar room since it had it’s own ethernet and power outlets.  We had 20 people in a space meant to hold 100!  Sweet arrangement, and it was glorious once we got everything hooked up.
The room was designed so everyone had to focus eyes forward and downward towards the main lecturing stage, but we all agreed to play with honor, swearing not to peak over people’s shoulders to see what they were building/where they were camping.  The cascading of the seats made it hard to pass around pizza and other snacks.
The first round of the night was a warm-up of Counterstrike, followed by 4player FFA brackets in Starcraft, 10v10 in Tribes, and finally a dawn-breaking bracket tourney of any game we all commonly had installed and voted to play – it ended up being Starcraft.
*You’ll notice these games are oldies -but goodies! =)
By 4am, some players went home, some were sleeping, but an intense PVP Starcraft Battle, the night’s closer, had been going on for hours.  Each player was poised to attack (map’s available minerals had run out!) when suddenly came the sound of shattering plastic followed by flying keyboard entrails.
One of the players who had decided to keep to himself was playing CS on a web server, got pwned and had a fit, slamming his keyboard over the top of his VGA monitor.  Those asleep awoke suddenly, including the guy sleeping nearest the main hub of LAN routers serving us that night.  The poorly positioned individual awoke violently – his leg booted the 2 of 5 hubs free of their ac adapters and sent them flying down the steps of the amphitheater-like seminar room, knocking over pop bottles in a kind of domino effect.  Though funny at first, this also succeeded in yanking the final SC duelists’ CAT6 ethernet cables from their computers, ruining the most epic game of the night.  No blows were exchanged, but very colorful words filled the air casting blame on the immature CS player and the sleep-deprived punter.
If this had happened with today’s wireless router/lan technology, we might have been able to finish the party without such a commotion.
By the way, I was playing Protoss, about to unleash a massive Reaver drop behind my closest opponent’s defenses, followed by a Dragoon rush from the front.  I probably would not have won since the third and last player had almost dominated the entire lower half of the well known Big Game Hunters pvp map with his Zerg base, but if the connection hadn’t been so abruptly severed, who knows what might have happened?
Of course, after lightly postulating what “might have happened”, the arguments ensued.  Claims about army strength, tactics, counter-tactics, and so on.  The custodian who came in to check on us at around 5:30am walked in on a bunch of 20 year-olds engaged in the most geeky, gaming nerd-inspired manhood-measuring contest on campus. (He had no idea what we were yelling about and promptly left – leaving us to clean up the mess we had made.)

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