“I bet my sprite can beat up your sprite”

grand fantasia sprite battle

free anime mmorpg grand fantasia sprite battle

Players of the free anime mmorpg Grand Fantasia have a new PVP mode.  Sprite Battles allows players to let their sprite fight in a rock, paper, scissors style duel.

As it states on the game guide, “It’s time for your Sprite to vent their anger from failed crafting!!”

Will this really make your sprite happy? Try it and find out!

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6 Responses to “I bet my sprite can beat up your sprite”

  1. YES!! Grandfantasia is the BEST!!!
    my sprite(“Flash – his name”) will never lose to inferior equipment failing sprites ^^
    He is, a REAL GENIUS, made my lv50 yellow to handed sword on his second try ^^

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