Gamers need Food too!

All you mad gamers out there!  Hungry?  Well you should be after grinding yet another 2-hour “Collect 20 jackalope scalps” quest!

As much as we like to really get swept away by our games, it’s important to stay hydrated and fed.  A weekend of gaming on your favorite mmo is fun, but getting back to work/school on Monday undernourished is setting you up for a pretty hard fall come finals season.  You’ll also probably look a little deflated walking out of an Internet cafe after a weekend’s marathon of “Pin the tail on the Orc”.

Don’t forget about your noodle – some fettuccine or some chow mein can go a long way in reducing frustration, stress and many other emotions that rack our brains silly when we really get into our quests.  Prevent your pink stuff from being starved of both nutritional and mental boosts by having meals, be they meals on wheels or any vehicle so long as they end up in your belly.

Eat while you play – no harm in that.  Order pizza, Chinese, ask your mom for a tuna sandwich or even a box of mac n’ cheese is okay.  But of course, one-handed foods are best if you have to maximize your playing time.

On the other hand, some of you may be very, very skilled at jockeying your mouse/keyboard with one hand, and killing off a Chicken Vindaloo with the other.  In which case, those of you from countries where “Obesity” is rapidly replacing “Obama” as the top news headline should be working on standing up and moving around a bit after that 2-hour jackalope scalp grind.  How about matching 2 hours worth of gained EXP to the number of calories to be burned off by exercising?

Since we’re on the topic, what’s your favorite gaming food? The author appreciates a dozen Taco Bell crispy tacos, great for munching and crunching in rhythm to my sword swings splitting goblin heads, and again yes, getting as many jackalope scalps as possible before I swallow.

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6 Responses to Gamers need Food too!

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  3. Eh! shouldn’t that be grandfantasia a first place? o.O
    12sky cant compare dude, GF has it all! ^^

    Cup Noodles Rock!!!

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  5. WafflesXd says:

    Yeah, we need to eat a million waffles per day!!! ^^

    …one handed food? o.O its like equipment -_-‘
    sorry but i only use two handed equips xD

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