Age of Conan Vid

They should label these vids better – I wouldn’t say this one has “High Quality Graphics”.  Looks like a fun mmorpg nonetheless, but you might have expected more.

Granted, it’s an old vid, but even in 2008, a lot of games looked better than this.

On a side note, some of the comments are amusing

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2 Responses to Age of Conan Vid

  1. I’d have to say Aeria, GPotato, and company are tied with this one if you combine the best of ALL their mmorpgs. In terms of graphics – par. In terms of animation/game play mechanics, – inferior (Conan wins)
    Still, using a brand name like Conan is enough to get people to play it. If the free online gaming sites got their hands on a solid brand name title loved by players, that’s money in the bank.

  2. lolz, i guess you’re right… larseric. this is definately a very good mmorpg in terms of graphics, everything is well detailed with High Quality textures and all…

    i would definitely play this game.

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