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Have a good idea for an MMO? Submit it here!

Anything goes except for: racist or hate-inspired themes, sexual/pornographic themes, games based on Vogon poetry, or other nasty themes.

Your ideas may take up a LOT of space so try to keep it no more than 300 words!  Any more than that and we ask you to make your own blog and post a link to your mmo idea in a comment!

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    Here is my MMO proposal, called “Paisano” a mafia themed mmo that will be played like a RTS similar to Evony, Caesary, Sim City, etc. It would ideally be launched in a browser window. Thoughts, criticism appreciated!

  2. the ultimate rpg would be, the player starts in a medieval world where he picks from 4 classes, Swordman, Martial Artist, Gunner or Magician!!!
    YES!!! after that the classes would spread out, meaning each class would have 2 alt classes for u to evolve to. when u are at an evolved class then u can pick from 4 different evolution classes!!

    as for the world, pretty much like Grandfantasia if you know it ^^

  3. WafflesXd says:

    with his “side-kick”, Xd (:
    yes, this is definitely better than sweaty mafia and bush fanatics running around, xd.

  4. CissyM says:

    Do you like fantasy Games?Do you like fights,wars and prove yourself?Well,so you have to try the free mmorpg of Aeria Games at .There you can find a lot of awsome games like Shaiya.You’ll be able to choose between the dark ancd the light side,you’ll be able to choose between a lot of races for your character and you’ll be able to choose your destiny having the possibility to prove yourself between fights with mosters or other palyer,wars and tighten friendships with the players of your side.You can also try the new launched game Kingdom Heros and live your adventure in the earth of China.Let’s go so,and try all the games taht Aeria Games has created for you,you’ll enjoy as never in your life 😀

  5. oxsouls says:

    12sky2 is one of the best 3D free mmorpg games it has a great no incredible graphic and a great pvp system (one of the best)

    there is loads of players online at anytime

    the grind is really easy and there is some fun in it not like many other games and u could gain exp by pvp also .

    the controls in the game is really simple .

    there is always a GMs who works really hard to keep da game clean and fun

    you will never get bored because of all the patches and changes in the game (happen once every week)


  6. Er… CissyM, ur post is like… really long -_-‘
    anyway, i thought this was about making up a mmorpg game idea, isnt it? or should it be talking about current mmorpg? *confused*

  7. Joseph Darus says:

    Id like to see sumthing with more races than jus human like dwarves i like dwarf races in my games anda mor indepth class base like rouges warriors mages what not changed into primary and secondary classes so hybrids can be made for better solo play as well as grouping also needs to be less cute for us older players . also needs better toon customization hair chubby skinny built gotee breasts ect so you have less clone like toons running around like in GF. thats about it

  8. NarcissaMalfoy says:

    Shaiya is a free mmorpg you can download and play for free.You will be able to choose between a lot of races,hair,face and other characterirstic for you character.Then you don’t need anything else but level him/her fighting mosters and doing quests alone or with the help of other player like you(yes,because is possible to make friendship and find your true love xD).You will be able to make straordinary armor for your character and prove yourself fighting friends and enemis.

    Check it out for this and others games:

  9. kernelklink says:

    MMO Idea
    Name: “Hackzors Online”
    Genre: Office humor, free mmo rts, browser game
    Game Play: Players hack into other players’ computer stations, sending computer viruses, email bombs, steal passwords and credit card numbers, order pizzas online falsely, etc. Players must defend against enemy hacks with firewalls, virus busters, etc.
    1. Each hack/firewall job requires a certain number of job skill points, earned from “going to school”, Better faster computers purchasable via money from “part-time job”
    2. Players can team up to combine job skill points to unleash super attacks on rivals’ computer stations, combine part-timer salaries to construct super computers/firewalls
    3. Special items:
    EMP bomb – Disable target hackers for a limited time

    4. Virtual pets include:
    Gremlin-send on sabotage quests to disable enemy’s specific hack ability
    Cat -hairballs clog enemy computers, reduce effects of attacks
    Spider -crawls enemy comps’ systems and finds weak points, suggests best hack attack
    Plant-increases oxygen, improves rate of learning –> generating job skill points
    Pooch-increases morale, improve rate of part-timer income–>earn more cash

    What do you all think?

  10. Krokokid says:

    My idea is a steampunk-ish MMORPG. It consists of 4 sky continents (land that floats in the sky): Land of humans, Land of Elves, Land of Phelix and Tharkia.
    There are three races, each with their own abilities and looks:
    – Human: They have high HP but low MP. Mechanical looks. (Machines, trains…)
    – Elves: They have low HP yet high MP. Magical looks. (Dragons, unicorns…)
    – Phelix: They have average HP and MP. Savage looks. (Wolves, Tree houses…)
    The most unique feature of this MMO would be the limitless possibilities with builds. When creating a character the player chooses 3 skills from 2 categories: Active and Passive. The active skills have skill trees. (ex. The skill Bow would branch out to different skills) Passive skills are skills that enhance certain stats/factors (ex. Snipe enhances accuracy). The player is free the chose 3 skills at will, be it 3 active skills or 3 passive skills (which is not recommended, unless you fight by hand :D) and anything in between. I would like to put emphasis on the word SKILL TREE, because that is the feature that attracts me to most MMOs.
    The 9 active skills would be:
    – Sword: balance of damage and speed. Skills:
    – fists: Fast attack, low damage. Skills: Speed enhancing.
    – spear: higher than average damage, below average speed. Skills: Attack enhancing.
    – mace: High damage, slow speed. Skills: Critical hit enhancing
    – dual gun: Long range, fast attack, low damage. Skills: Speed enhancing.
    – bow: Long range, average speed, average damage. Skills: Debuff (like paralysis)
    – green mage: Mid range, hybrid of both black and white. (Can tame 1 monster)
    – black mage: Mid range, Damage dealing class
    – white mage: Mid range, support class
    The distribution of stat points is also vital, it would allow for more differences between similar classes.
    PvP options would not necessarily have to be race based, it can also be faction based. If it were race based 1 party would be full of mages and the other full of warriors, we cannot have that.
    The plot would be that you are an average person from your race, not knowing of the existence of other continents, when, one day, a zeppelin lands near your town. Then the plot can continue…
    The key emphasis of this MMO would be to eliminate all clones!

  11. shaymeOnYou says:

    MMO Idea:
    Game is set in prehistoric times when dinosaurs and humans lived together (I know they didn’t, but bear with me).
    Players choose humans, neanderthals, dinosauroids or piscines
    Realms include mountains, jungle, tropical beach, fur tree forest, desert, etc.
    Players are charged with hunting dinosaurs for bones, teeth, etc. to make weapons or give to villages to get support to be sent off to the next realm.
    Every realm has a bunch of really big dinos that need to be tackled in groups, which will call for coop play.
    Dunno if this sounds like fun. Thoughts please.

  12. @shaymeonyou
    Umm, isn’t that Monster Hunter?
    Nice try, but already been done! But I like the idea of choosing other races besides humans. What are piscenes? Fish folk? See you in Caesary bro.

  13. Raizy says:

    ideas are:
    – first of all anime/ manga graphic + detailed customization ( like aion , liker perfect world )

    – fantasy background + background story quests + every day quest system ( quest that are different every day and unique)
    – quests more differents ( not like give me 50 items kill 50 mobs take this package to this npc … ) and something related to your class ( hunter have more specific hunter quests and other classes so….)

    -combat system: standard point to click fight are boring, press f1 to f5 and spamming skills boring also so more arcade/tactical/player’s ability based i mean by doing the right skills combo you can unlock temporany abilitys ,with no mouse target,
    -party/ team / combinend skills like unique skills activated by the skills from another class in your team or party etcc…
    intelligent mobs pls -> not aggro mobs ,links mobs etcc mobs that are like player ( the smarts one XD )

    balanced classes : all the classes have to be chosen for the playstyle and all the classes have skills to defeat all i mean: let’s take for example huner in a lot of game are the class that have the most advatanges so… make an hunter that have to fight like an hunter with a playstyle of it with the RIGHT pro and cons but balance it with other jobs( sword man can’t reach hunter…. or mage can destroy hunter…. advantages skills and environtments skills also… i mean an hunter in a wood or sword man in a free place…a mage near something that give him power like a river….)
    -free stat for char: personalized way of make your char like more str more con agi etcc…
    -pvp/guild wars/castles/ pk : pk only related to levels like a lv 20 can pk a lv 20 and so on ( this beacuse high levels in pk games tend to kills newbie )
    -castle: like woe in ragnarok on line something to reach to protect for gain the castle
    guild wars: like battles in open fields or every where 2 guilds want

    experience: yea this is the point-> free games: cash shop. p2p games: cash every tot days etcc so
    let’s make a free one BUT with a cash shop that don’t make the game umbalanced and that woth items that are buyable by all in different ways( cash, by doing something for the game company like complete offers or voting etc…)

    and give experiance from quest,daily work or quests or by killing in some specific way ( like killing with style = more exps or killing more mobs in one shot = more exps or kill the mobs quikly etc…)

    -platforms, dungeons trick and also environment ability ( that are from race or gained by complete a minigame )
    -difficult bosses/difficult dungeons/
    too much ideas, for made the perfect on line games but i have to return study cause i can’t stay too much on pc
    in last a games that are liked by a lot of people and have what people want reward the game’s creator in profit and gratification ( THINK ABOUT IT ) cya

  14. lars_sucks says:

    Yeah, piscenes would most likely be fish folks, since pisces = fish

    @ shameonyou,
    How the heck would a piscene be able to hunt and battle in a desert realm? Don’t mean to sound rude, but wouldn’t your character dehydrate and die?

    Here is a simple MMO idea: Make a normal mmorpg with quests, in-game economy, pvp, rvr, parties, blah blah, but make the sole reason for playing something like this:
    Gold is used for plastic surgery – your character can have 25 arms, 5 heads, etc. Where/how you choose to attach extra limbs, eyes, patches of hair, mouths, is completely up to the players.
    Surgery gives you attribute bonuses depending on what you add to your body. It’d be great to see hundreds of avatars running around with 10 heads stacked up on a 3 legged torso with 4 mouths and wings.

  15. you guys got a lot of nice mmo ideas but mine will take the cake ^^ hehe
    u cant be the awesome-ness of my classes!!

  16. WafflesXd says:

    nobody likes my waffle themed mmorpg T_T

    Raizy’s post is waay too long…. i didn’t finish reading it, *cheers up*
    anyway, my idea is the best all those other medievals and fish themed mmo, “meh” to all of them ^xD

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