Looong List o’ MMOs


This article provides an extensive list of new mmorpg games for 2010.

The author has had the pleasure of playing no less than 2 of them (no applause necessary).  Have you played any of them?  If so, write a couple lines saying why you did or didn’t like the games and rate it from -1 to 5.5

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3 Responses to Looong List o’ MMOs

  1. Those games look nice but lets see how popular they get before rushing in, ^^
    i dont want to be on an mmorpg with 10 members, lolz.

  2. NarcissaMalfoy says:

    Aeria games makes in your disponibility a lot of awsome free mmorpg games like Last Chaos,Shaiya or Kingdom heros,the new game by Aeria Games. However i like Shaiya so much,i’m playing from like 2 years and cannot stop playing.In this game you can choose between light side and dark side and between 2 races for side for your character:vails,deatheater for dark side and humans and elfs for light side.Each races have 3 under-races:mages and pagans,priests and oracles,warriors and fighters,archers and hunters,rangers and assassins and guardians or defender.You’ll be able to fight with players of the opposite faction and make friendships with players of ruor side.there will be avents,fights and wars so…..enjoy… You can find this and other games here: http://www.aeriagames.com

  3. -_-‘ is his spam? …
    seriously this is like waaaay to long for me to read it all, i kinda stopped at “disponibility”
    but seriously pls dont ruin the blog…

    ANYWAY, i have been watching Soul Master, it seems like its going to be a VERY good free mmorpg ^^ thx to gamescampus, i’d rate it at about 8.5!
    its a really good game ^^

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