Is DOMO making a come back?

If you’re an Aeria player, you might have notice the volume of events and promotions geared toward Dream of Mirror Online, one of Aeria’s most popular and long-running games.

After the cease of operations for 12Sky and Turf Battles over the past year, as well as new additions to its selection of games in both mmorpg and browser game genres like Grand Fantasia, Kingdom Heroes, Caesary and Pirate Galaxy, there has been a boom in DOMO notifications offering prizes and item packs on almost a daily basis.

What do you think of DOMO and do you believe the current rise in marketing is a good thing to get more players playing or keep existing players?

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1 Response to Is DOMO making a come back?

  1. YEAH! thats a good idea, i bet that could make the gamers playing git stay and probably attract even more players. i wish they would do more promotions for GF with FREE in their name ):

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