End the Korean War with MMOs

North and South Korea have been at each other’s throats over a tragic torpedoing of a South Korean war ship.  While not the first incident where lives have been lost due to North-South relations or lack thereof, this most recent crisis paints a pretty grim picture for East Asia should the shooting war recommence.  But does it have to be with real bullets?

Maybe they ought to just duke it out in an MMO like Bad Company2 or COD:MW2.

Oh, wait, the South Koreans would probably pwn the north since they’re such fanatic gamers.  I guess they’ll (we’ll) have to slug it out the old fashioned way – tanks, missiles, jets and nukes.  Not what I want, but what choices are left?

Sanctions? What more can be done to the North Koreans that hasn’t already been done? On that note, what can we possible do to them politically and economically that they haven’t already done to themselves?

If it came to it, what mmo game would you suggest that the Koreas use to end the Korean War once and for all?  Make no mistake, there are a lot.  Let’s forget about the south having such an affinity with gaming – what would be the best game to use in lieu of all out war?

Okay, this post was totally unrealistic and perhaps something a grade school student would dream up.  But games, whether played with a rubber ball or a mouse/keyboard, have the power to move people to do quite irrational things (just look at the results of some soccer matches) .  Why can’t we play games to resolve or prevent future crisis?

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2 Responses to End the Korean War with MMOs

  1. Sukumei says:

    While games are a medium for people to interact, I guess you have to choose the right game to supply a positive and mutual atmosphere. That said, I don’t think high octane shooters are going to cut it. What you need is a free MMORPG with a cozy feel to it such as Dream of Mirror Online hosted by Make love, not war.

  2. come on, we all know that they should just battle it out in a game of mahjong! ^^
    other games would have cheating armors and such… hehe

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