AFK ok for leveling up in KH?

We have all had a few weeks to grind on Kingdom Heroes a bit, but have you noticed those guys AFK-ing a perfect hunting spot for animals that have that item you need for a farming quest?

Well, the author has had enough and is rebelling by camping directly on the same spot so when the other guy comes out of his “meditative state” he’ll know that other people need that ground for actual questing.

But is this intentional, something to give the lower level players a chance to boost their characters and NPCs a few dozen levels without really playing?  It may be a good idea but wouldn’t it suck if you were just starting out in KH, a free mmorpg you thought would put all the rest to shame, and you couldn’t even collect 10 boar’s tusks in under 30 minutes because some guy was hogging all the kills?

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7 Responses to AFK ok for leveling up in KH?

  1. Dude, of course this sucks because some spots are better than others and when you are on a quest to farm 10 pig legs from an area being whored by AFK-ers, it takes sooo long to complete what should be a simple task.

    How would you like it if some guy and his buddies camped outside your flat (apartment) all comatose and frozen and you could scream, “BUDDY! Go away! I’ll buy whatever you’re selling. Just get out of here!” and they wouldn’t even flinch!

    I hope that the more levels you reach, the tougher the enemies get and can discourage this kind of play. But I guess noobs gotta start from somewhere…

    Freaky_Deeky_Tactician sez: “Come to my house and I’ll make you chocolate-chip cookies”

  2. sigh, whats the point of an mmorpg if u dont kill jelly rabbits or some weak monster to level up when u are a noob?

    i haven’t played this game, KH, so i dont know the details but this sounds very disturbing and might turn ppl away from the game… noobs need practice so dont spoil them ^^

  3. WafflesXd says:

    lolz, is this for real? u mean they can leave their character and i will lv up without them playing?
    0.0 er… this is, unique… i would say, NO! lay to lv up! xd

  4. iamgod666 says:

    Nah man, its never a good thing to afk train. It takes the fun outta the game ya know? It’s much funner actually playing the game and getting yourself ranked up or whatever the hell you do in whatever game you are playing. Either way i think that if people poop themselves when they die then you can afk train or whatever you wanna do.

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    • WafflesXd says:

      lolz, i’m sure computeroo7 will be angry about this xd.
      he seems to like the medieval genre, anyway i guess ur right about saying ppl should just quit their medieval and play scifi games ^^

  6. HAAA!!! what did you say about MEDIEVAL GAMES!!!!
    sigh, u have no style anonymous. you should stop playing FPS and play GF!!! *stars flash*

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