WoW meets WoT

Great cinematic I found – teaser video – for World of Tanks, an upcoming free MMORPG that puts players into the chassis of 1930s~1950s era battle tanks.

Now then, why did no one think of this kind of game before?  Who said  an mmorpg had to have elves, dwarves, liches and other fantasy realm characters?  No one I guess, but when you hear the word mmorpg, don’t you think, “LOTR, Evercrack, GW, etc.”?

Not in WoT.  Like other war sims, such as Navy Field, the player chooses sides, fights and earns money to upgrade their vehicle in order to deal more destruction and humiliation to anyone dumb enough to get in the way – unless they of course have a bigger tank with bigger guns. studio’s WoT offers something unique to the free mmorpg genre and after seeing the in-game play vids, it looks to be a promising experience – not to mention a breather from the fantasy mmorpg we have come to love/hate.

What was startling when watching a longer game play video of WoT was watching a playable vehicle, looking to be a treaded howitzer, use its ability to spot enemies on the map using a bird’s eye view of the battlefield, aiding in precision shelling.  One can imagine that close cooperation among allied players using each tank variety’s abilities will redefine the term “fire for effect,” as barrages scream towards the front lines, and God help those who are stuck in the kill zone be they friend or foe.

Definitely a game to keep an eye on as its Fall 2010 release date draws closer.


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4 Responses to WoW meets WoT

  1. SlippieFoxToad says:

    Judging from this video, the long-distance shooting/sniping seems a bit like a FPS, but when you close in on your enemy then 3rd-person view is much better.
    I always liked tanks in games even if they had a small appearance. Remember the Red Army tank level in COD (and again in COD:World at War)? They oughta make a game where that’s all you do throughout the whole game.
    Bringing it to free mmorpg status right of the back I think is a bit rushed but probably a smart move by studios since they probably wanted to throw this one out first before committing to any large scale WoT retail titles or port over to Wii, PS3, XBOX360.

  2. AllTankdUp says:

    I wonder if they’ll represent all tank-capable nations equally and be able to tackle balancing issues easily? On that, I feel that players will lean towards one nation’s tanks away from others since popular culture and history in general doesn’t focus on other countries’ tanks besides US, Nazi Germany, Britain and Russia.
    Off the top of your head, what tanks can you name?
    Patton, Sherman, Crusader, Panther, Panzer IV, Tiger, T-34, thats it!
    What countries are they from?
    …US, Britain, Nazi Germany, Russia…? (I watch too many war movies I guess)

    Okay, but what about Japan, who also had a fleet of tanks used against US and Chinese forces in WWII? To my memory, the only time I saw a JPN tank in a war game was in COD: World at War (you get to blow them up).
    On the other hand, maybe they should just keep the no. of factions to a paltry few and do their best include as much detail and customization for each faction. Perhaps as an unlockable bonus tank, then they can throw in a Japanese tank (available to any player of any faction).
    China may not have had too many (or any) memorable tanks of WWII but was buying tanks from Britain, Italy and hiring German advisers, etc. which could qualify China as a faction where crafting (tinkering) using imported materials/technology would supply their tank battalions and keep them open to much more sophisticated customization than the other factions.

  3. Well, this is… er.. unique. i cant really say anything here, lolz…
    the video is misleading though, but it seems like a nice game when you look at the in game video that SlippieFoxToad posted, thx man!

  4. WafflesXd says:

    LOLZ, the first part of the video was AMAZING!!!!!!
    then it got spoiled with tanks -_- i dont like that game… tanks aren’t really kool.
    a big let down on the promotional video. T_T

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