Grind or Pay? Leveling up in MMORPG

Free mmorpgs, pay2play and subscription mmorpgs all involve the need to level-up one’s character as quickly as they can and to say the least, with as little effort as possible.

Why?-  For respect? Self-satisfaction? For the challenge? To kick some butt? Why not all of the above?

The concept of leveling up in mmorpgs is simple: the more you play (doing quests, slaying monsters), the more EXP (experience points) you obtain and as you attain a higher level, the more your character can do and the tougher foes you can defeat.

However, for conventional games where all you can do is play and play to get to the next level, you’ll probably be wondering,  How are you using your time and what promises can you make to yourself if you put in the hours and effort into completing quest that drag you from one pixelated kodak moment to the next?  Could this time be better spent on a game that is more exciting, has better graphics and a bigger online community?

If you are playing via a monthly subscription, you’ll probably think the same things in addition to, are you really getting the most of your money or are you just playing enough to justify your financial commitment?

In recent years, the seemingly ‘free mmorpg’ genre comes hand-in-hand with the micropayment (microtransaction) system of gaming where small commitments of real moolah will take care of hours of play time, and get you to a level you could only dream of.  From there, you can still play for free until you feel the urge to pump yourself up again.

Do you pay for your leveling up or do you prefer to grind it out and ‘earn’ your levels? The author leans towards the latter, simply because he has no money for pay-to-play or micropayments, plus the people he has encountered who grinded their way up were a lot more fun to play with since they went through the same experiences and know more about the game than those who simply bought their characters.

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4 Responses to Grind or Pay? Leveling up in MMORPG

  1. Its better to Grind your player to whatever lv you want to be… and use your money for items and equips in the game, well if you are really into the game that is, lolz.
    that what i do anyway.

  2. WafflesXd says:

    i never tried paying ppl to power lv me up, is that legal or would i get banned for it?
    sounds like a BIG HELP!! hehe, i could make it to a high lv is no time ;xd

  3. For games that are quest based, I prefer to GRIND it out, bcuz it’s fun.

    As far as I know, power leveling isn’t a bannable offense, but I think it’s pretty dirty. especially if your intentions are to bully other low-level players.

    If an mmo were strictly PVP, then I might see the justification of powerleveling if you’re doing competitive league play, etc. But for a game like GF, Pirate Galaxy, EVE Online, etc. you’re missing so much by not grinding.

  4. Jaguarzone says:

    Personally I just grind, but I often change games so I’m not incredibly bored playing them. I like Aeria because they offer so many different types of games to play that I don’t get bored just playing one. Besides, not having to pay and just using a free mmorpg is nice. Granted, there are items, power ups, and more you can buy using Aeria Points. I prefer not to use money on a game, but if I can spare it I will.

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