Free to Play versus WoW

Here is an article from gamesradar trying to pit the recent free mmorpgs up against WoW.  What are your thoughts on this comparison? Does WoW still hold free reign over the MMORPG world? Can anyone beat WoW?  Are free to play mmorpg developers/portal sites about to stand up against a brand giant like Blizzard?

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3 Responses to Free to Play versus WoW

  1. WafflesXd says:

    i’m first ^^
    ofcourse shin megami tensei has better graphics! yay! and its FREE!! XD!!

  2. computerwizoo7 says:

    I didn’t see any comparison with GF but even so there are alot of good free mmorpgs out there that can rival WoW in terms of graphics.. i’m not really a fan of WoW though

  3. Jaguarzone says:

    I think that the graphics of most free mmorpg games are better than some of the pay games. I like the graphics in most Aeria Games like Last Chaos, Grand Fantasia, and Pirate Galaxy. Pirate Galaxy is the new browser-based mmorpg that they recently acquired. I think the graphics are what really reel me in to playing a game. If I love the graphics, I play it; on the other hand, if I can’t stand the graphics, I avoid the game completely. I suppose that’s why I like Aeria, they offer games with the type of graphics I like.

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