Some Sad News

One of Aeria Games’ titles is leaving their free mmorpg roster. The name of the game: Turf Battles aka TB
Official announcement of this news here.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, here is a short descrip:
Players control a character avatar within a game world, exploring the landscape, fighting monsters, completing quests and interacting with NPCs or other players.

Who is going to miss this game?

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5 Responses to Some Sad News

  1. Never really played this game… but i’m sure many gamers are gonna be disturbed by this… maybe.-_0

  2. WafflesXd says:

    i hope they dont shut down Megami!!!
    id be heart-broken T_T
    maybe youre right computeroo som ppl might get pretty angry about this.xd ^^

  3. computerwizoo7 says:

    Yeah, maybe the gamers will try and convince aeria games to keep TB, idk if that would work though lolz ^^

  4. FreddyKat says:

    I really can’t mind that TB is going down. Probably for the better what with all the haxing and scamming going on. I just got started on Kingdom Heroes and what a different experience!
    I chose a tactician meaning I can have 6 NPC soldiers watching my back at all times. One thing you gotta be careful of is when you have NPCs fighting with you, the EXP from killing mobs is distributed among your character AND NPCs. That means if you slay a mob for 1000 EXP and you have 4 NPC soldiers, 1000 gets divided by 5, meaning 200 for yourself in the end! For tough mobs that give heaps EXP, you probably can’t take em yourself but if you do kill em, you’ll get the full EXP for your character alone so leveling up may be faster. BUT you also gotta level up your NPC soldiers. If you hit level 50 but your NPCs are only level 10, you’re gonna have a tough time using them for level 50 quests and spend $h!t loads reviving them after every quest! Therefore, I always have my NPCs fighting with me so I can manage their leveling up as well as my main char. Takes longer, but I’ll be grateful later on!

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  5. KaedeXD says:

    I cant believe TB is going down! It was such a good free mmorpg by Aeria. The pet system, with the eggs that eventually hatching into magical creatures that assist you will be the part that I will miss so much. Also the lower requirements made the game easy to play on every computer, and this is a rare thing to find. I will sure miss this game!

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