More Free MMORPG pics (for starters)

For starters, here is a link to a Flickr account that has a few dozen pics by various users. Maybe this can inspire others to show off their own pics!


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4 Responses to More Free MMORPG pics (for starters)

  1. Artsy-Marxy says:
    Here are some more, but I’m afraid they’re dups. If people would publish more of their own pics, we wouldn’t have to keep using the official ones from Aeria’s homepage.

    I like shin megaten and I will probably post a quick story of how I started out and the great people I met to help me really get into the game.

    • There are a few Fan made artworks on the official GrandFantasia(Free MMORPG) Forum, i think you should look there as there is quite a few of them being posted.

  2. WafflesXd says:

    Where can i find dome for shin megami tensei? are they good cuz i see some and theyre just.. meh lol,.,.

  3. you should be able to find some of those fan arts on the official forum, i think. i’m not sure since i haven’t played that game…

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