Caesary – Makes its debut on the Aeria portal

If you have a taste for strategy, that is, mmorts, then Caesary might be your thing. If you liked Evony or want something like it this might be good.

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  1. Venus says:

    Yesterday, it’s first day of launch, I spent 4 hours playing but hardly grew my city any bigger than the tutorial. I know it takes time, but I seriously considered giving it up because it reminded me too much of Evony and I stopped that already.

    I’m taking the weekend to make a few connections and get a jumpstart on building my armies to tackle those level 7 forests surrounding my city!

    Aeria free mmorpg blog if you like!

    • Artsy-Marxy says:

      Okay, now that I’ve played for 3 days straight, I have upgraded my city, attained rank of Aedile, and made a new city! This game is great!

  2. SlumDunker says:

    Did you know you have until June 7 to earn 200 ap or 2500 ap for progress made in Caesary? I have a couple days until my noob protection wears off but before that happens I’m going to upgrade my Rectorate (city hall) and get those walls up! For a free mmorts browser game, this one seems to be legit, as it covers a lot of features and has great artwork to boot! Find me – username is “Legate_Crom”

    “Keep you friends close and your enemies even closer”

  3. Having never played Evony or other mainstream browser-based MMOs, I was not sure what to expect from Caesary, which launched on Aeria Games’ portal site last week.
    It’s also on Kongregate, but since I had an Aeria account, I played on their portal.

    While looking for free mmorpgs, I read a twitter post that Caesary had launched and would have no data wipe so players of the game’s initial test phase will be able to retain their information. This I thought was nice as my past experiences with closed/open beta games resulted in hours of play being erased eventually. But this was not what got me started on Caesary.

    A Roman Empire-based real-time strategy game, Caesary focuses on a myriad of aspects of a Roman governor’s life, from ordering building construction, to training troops to conquer new lands.

    Caesary, like its predecessors, forces you to manage resources and keep the population of your city happy and growing. You also need to make sure your city’s coffers are solvent enough to upgrade structures and research knowledge to unlock new technologies for future benefit.

    Quests mainly involve the growing of your city by building key structures,using structures’ functions, doing something to your hero, or other micro-management-oriented tasks. Don’t expect to be issued an order to slay a dragon and rescue the princess – it isn’t that kind of game. But if you like growing things slowly without requiring a whole lot of skill (there is a slight learning curve aside from the introductory tutorial), then this game might be for you.

    Despite being a free game, game play is slow and not for the action-minded Warcraft/C&C RTS fans. You build, you wait…wait some more, then you build again. Attacking is just like building, lots of waiting, and you don’t actively control your units during skirmishes (but you can view a replay of the battle as it played out after it’s finished). However, you can purchase the game’s super-currency “gold” and use it to speed up building times, reduce costs of building, and increase the rate of productivity of your resource generating farms and lumber mills, etc..

    Coming from the more action-packed RTS crowd, I found the game painfully slow and dull if I sat it front of it, hoping that by squeezing my mouse really hard I can make the buildings complete faster. But, by keeping it running on another window or tab in the background, with a bunch of building orders and actions activated I can do something else and check back every half-hour or so. I’ll probably even treat it like a virtual pet, checking it 4-5 times per day, making sure there aren’t any undone quests or issues that have gone unresolved.

    But Caesary is a bit addicting because of all the things you can do in your city, as well as the competitive factor. Other players are grinding through the same building and waiting as you (if they’re not using gold), but when experience levels start increasing, you can expect egos and arrows to start flying too.

    A follow up article will be written after I experience my first act of pwning or being pwned. See you next time!

  4. I just got my new city made! But I have to start it from scratch. At least they give you a bunch of starting resources and instance finishes to give it a quick start up.
    Tomorrow I’ll work on leveling up my cottages and farms to help my population growth!
    Im located at 265, 233

  5. I haven’t played Caesary as yet, but by what ou guys are saying i believe its a good free mmorpg, i think i will check it out and see how good it is.
    If all goes well with the game then i will comment about it here ^^, ok.

  6. Well, now i have played it and its very nice! except for the long tuts that kep popping up lolz. I haven’t been able to make anything really grand as yet so i’ll just keep playing.. -_-

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