Tell us a Tale, Spin us a Yarn!

Free MMORPG Adventures is the place to share your MMORPG trials and tribulations

What are we about?
By ‘Adventures’ we mean your own stories that describe your latest MMORPG accomplishments for virtually any game you want. Simply reply/comment to posts on this blog with your story, or put a link here with a short description of your story to lead to your own blog or website!

Pics, video and other media is greatly encouraged to better illustrate or even prove your story and turn myth into fact and mystery into knowledge! You never know when you’ll need evidence for improbable yet true stories!

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Story Content:
While this blog is mainly for free mmorpg games, that doesn’t limit your stories to just PC-based free mmos. You can also tell how you tackled a boss in games like WoW, Guild Wars, and other mainstream retail/pay2play titles. For non-free mmorpgs, we kindly ask you to link your story to a different blog so as not to overcrowd the free mmorpg adventure stories. Or, feel free to post your story on the “Pay to Play” Page.

This is a blog for sharing and learning – Not a place for bullying or blog slugfests!

  • Let’s watch the language, no posting of porn or disgusting stuff, and if you have to call shenanigans on someone’s story, at least back up your accusations with a link that disproves it or even a story (with pics/content) of your own!
  • Also, we don’t like spam just like any blog or website. Let’s keep sales pitches to a minimum (meaning zero).
  • We kindly ask you make your stories at least 50 words long and an external link to your full story (if any) is a great help.
  • Comments on stories should be thoughtful, respectful of others and say a bit more than just “cool” or “sucks.”
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4 Responses to Tell us a Tale, Spin us a Yarn!

  1. Since nobody is starting this, then i will be first.

    Recently in Grandantasia, a free mmorpg…
    I tried to tackle prairie cave solo, everything went well and all, defeated all 3 monsters and rubis wasn’t even a bother except for his skill block effects. anyway, i decided to then go fight Emissary – Greed(my mistake T_T), the guy pawned me!!!
    and when i tried running he used a skill to drag you back in, how can i defeat that?!
    well, i’ll let you know when i defeat him, in a short story, lolz. ^^

  2. WafflesXd says:

    Lolz ^^ i cant belive you died at greed, hahaa!
    but nice story. what level are you?

  3. -_- come on, i was only lv33!!!
    geez, give me a break… at least i killed him with a lv 50 friend hehe 🙂

  4. WafflesXd says:

    really?! a lv 33 cant take greed silly you lolz..
    anyway, isn’t there anyone talking about megami on here???

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