Only 150 more days until ol’ Spud gets his

Facebook has so many fan pages with so much spammy junk and sleazy topics you get sick of it.  But the author of this blog was chatting with the Couch Potato himself, ol’ Spud, about a new “fan page” that gives a few (only a few) pieces of intel on a daily basis about:

Today’s date and what people, places and events make it important.

Thanks to technology and a few millennia of history to go on, almost every day features a famous person’s birthday or death, the founding of something, and of course reasons to celebrate.

During our discussion, Spud made a good point – “It’s a good thing we are still divided as a race (meaning humans) — if all our cultures cam together as one, there’d be so many damned holidays , commemorations, memorials of heroes past everyday, productivity would come to a screeching halt and we’d all have to party or reflect” — probably true, but he says it like its a bad thing.

Spud wont have worry about who his b-day matches up with for another 150 (149 now) days.  But even if today’s date is not your birthday, it’s still fun to know who’s it is, and if it means anything to you or not.

Despite it being a new page, it has already told me what famous people had their birthdays over the past 48 hours, and I didn’t have to wiki each person to find out!

Anyway, if you are one of the 9 people who give their valuable time to read this (and Spud’s) blog, why not pay a visit to “Were you born Today?” on Facebook.

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Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE Review

Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE, otherwise known as MegaTen, is a free
international mmorpg hosted by Aeriagames. Based on the first of the Shin Megami series, the game has adapted the storyline into Acts that the player can complete throughout the game. It also allows negotiating with demons to join you in your journey and fusing them to make a stronger and more skilled demon. This is a game one wouldn’t want to miss for the world!
MegaTen is a game that is well liked by people who have played at least one of
the games of shin megami series. The game allows demons to be your partners and enables them to fight alongside your character. The build of your character will allow the choosing of your demon easy. Depending on your build, a certain type of demon is desired to battle alongside you or support and heal you. It is one of the exciting part of the game to make a demon that is best suited for you character and show the MegaTen world
the great demon of yours truly.
Moreover, in this game, there are several character builds such as gunner, melee, mage, and enhancer. These builds branch out through different chain expertise to allow a unique build suitable for battle. Chain expertises such as Demolition Dash or Magic Bullet allow for an elemental damage in battle while Enhancement and Curse of the Wretched is a buff and debuff magic that makes the defeat of an enemy easier.
Choose between three alignments, Chaos, Law, or Neutral. They affect your stat bonuses from equipments, summoning costs of demons. There is also a respective city for these alignments that gives discount for the player. There are quests that are only given to a specific alignment where the rewards are sought by many. This feature is dependent of the decisions you make in the game in the events and quests you participate in throughout the course of your game playing.
Participate in the events of MegaTen where you are given free items when you
qualify! Events where you have to take screenshots of demons, Demon Paparazzi! Find the GM in the area, GM Hide & Seek! The GM’s and GS’ are helping us level up, GM/GS Dungeon Runs!
The game gives the player a thrilling experience where the player is given a
chance to make him and his demon partner powerful and rich! Events gives people the drive to stay longer in the game and team up with others to qualify for the prize.
Interaction is encouraged and open forums are held in game to listen to queries and complaints of gamers about the game, fellow players, etc.
The cost is free and the return is ONE GREAT FUN! Enjoy MegaTen to its fullest!
Join now! Live the life of a Demon Buster and choose between peace and order or power and freedom! Give your life a thrill with Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE, a free mmorpg game hosted by Aeriagames. Battle demons, and players alike in PVP to show your battle prowess and skill!
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10 years went too fast

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Diablo II came out and is still one of the greatest computer games ever?  Hopefully Diablo III will offer just as much value.

Those of us who were in high school/college when that game came out are now probably struggling to balance our need to earn a living and love for games.  It sure would be nice to un-age a decade so we can stay at the forefront of perhaps one of the most active periods of games development since days of X-Wing, Myst and Diablo!

If I were 17 again, I’d rethink my career plans and join the games industry.  But, the fact that I have so much less time now available for gaming makes every hour of play pretty special and a chance to relive my younger days.  Okay, I’m still “young” and while I hate hearing people say, “(age) 35 is the new 25”, I feel sorry for those “I’m too serious for games and gamers” types that lurk in the shadows of cubicles in corporate spires who mentally turned 35 before they even finished high school.

Will Diablo III be an mmorpg?

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Legendary Champions – Yet another Dota MMORPG? (via Free MMORPG & Free MMOs)

In opposite to the forum posts on, this blog actually has something useful to say about the upcoming free mmorpgLegendary Champions” at Aeria Games. Have a read, share your thoughts!

Aeria Games recently announced Legendary Heroes, a DotA inspired Fantasy MMORPG. Sounds interesting right? After playing and enjoying both League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, I’m actually looking forward to Legendary Heroes. There’s one thing that concerns me though. These games set the Aeon of Strife genre bar really high, so it may be a bit tough to beat. I also played Avalon Heroes from Alaplaya, but that game was a total disappointment, … Read More

via Free MMORPG & Free MMOs

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Legendary Champions (Heroes?) Beta Sign-up

Keeping an eye on Aeria has seen quite a few games released this year: Kingdom Heroes, Caesary, Pirate Galaxy, and Lords Online.

Now there is a new free mmo, which looks to be a heavily localized version of Legendary Heroes, dubbed “Legendary Champions”

This mmo allows players to transform into historical, mythical heroes like King Arthur, Dracula, Beowulf and more.  Beta Sign Up is currently open and those that missed out on its predecessor, can join the first wave of Legendary Champions players.

From the video, it looks to be a typical Asian-inspired mmo with flashy martial arts effects, huge weapons (among other things), and a fully rendered 3-D environment.

Sign up and give it a try, or wait for the next one because this doesn’t seem to be the end of this type of mmo from Aeria or any other portal for that matter.  A barrage of criticism has already been posted on’s forum –

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Browser Games…

With all the Aeria players visiting this blog, we thought it’d be nice to post a video on their newest addition to their free to play browser games, an mmorts called Lords Online.

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This is how they tie it up, Japan-style

Browsing for Grand Fantasia stuff-which is what I like to do better then playing the game itself-I came across this article written in 2009 related to Grand Fantasia.  It was written in Japanese so I used Google Translate to give you all a preliminary interpretation of how they tie up, then kick off things in the Far East!

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